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We are Easy racer, a POD Shop for all!

our mission

pictures say more than words

We would like to support you in making a statement with our designs and in making the individuality of views and opinions wearable. We would like to encourage people not to have to express their mindsets and preferences, but rather to be able to showcase them on a shirt or something similar. This means that no one will burn their tongue and the other person will be made to smile, think or question things.

our range

Designs & sayings for every occasion

We offer you different designs for T-shirts, hoodies and caps. You will not only find sayings that are skilfully staged, but also images in different variations, from retro to futuristic. There is something suitable for everyone for every conceivable occasion. Our design range is aimed not only at singles, families or children, but at everyone who wears their heart on their sleeve, has a sense of humor and wants to showcase their inner child.

Company history

Time travel or “back to the roots”

Hello, I am a trained retail salesman, I have courage, I am creative and a passionate rapper & songwriter.
After many years of being an employee, I decided to start my own small business and let my creativity run wild.
I like to play with words, question things and make the person I'm talking to think about with my statements. I would like to share these features and design results with others and so the idea for a POD online shop was born.

The team

Competence & creativity are what we demand of ourselves


Founder and managing director media designer for digital and print media

Marc Renner Heidi Renner

We are an unbeatable team not only privately but also professionally. We work together every day on the goal of inspiring our customers with individual designs and thus highlighting the uniqueness of each one.

Every design and every saying comes from our own creativity through everyday situations, wishes and experiences from the past and present.

Cooperation partner

Together we are strong

In order to be and remain competitive, we work with professional programs from the Adobe Creative Cloud, depending on the project with other designers, with Spreadshirt for printing & delivery and regularly educate ourselves.
Please always keep in mind that the colors may differ from the printed result due to different screen displays. This circumstance arises from the different color spaces in which we design and print (RGB, CMYK).

Reasons to trust us

We are one of you

If you have any requests, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us by email.

We pay attention to quality in our designs and ensure that no license rights are violated. We want satisfied customers.